What's New This Year?

Ashtabula County's Lights on the Lake Committee is pleased and excited to present you with the 2020 festival of lights, sights and memorable beauty at Lake Shore Park. In its 15th year, the event has become a family tradition for many families. The committee works all year long to expand and improve the festival.


Recently added more to our special section that moves to the music. You'll see more displays and a variety of added effects that lend extra sparkle and glitter to the park.


This year we will be using the tag line "Christmas at a Distance". We will be a touch free event.  Our Board felt the community really needed this event this year with so many things being cancelled.  We will not hand out candy, bags, or brochures.  Admission will be by donation or ticket.  No money will be passed from and to hand, and no change made.  Donations during the event can be made by dropping in a container at the booth.  Board members and volunteers will remain at least 6' from cars, and be there for traffic control, informational purposes, and to keep displays operational. 

The rules we will be enforcing have been approved by the Ashtabula County Health Dept.


Experience over 70 displays on Lakeshore Park's 54 acres of rolling hills and majestic Lake Erie backdrop. This holiday light attraction with some displays "as big as a truck", is great for creating family memories and family fun. Make it an annual family tradition to enjoy professional light displays in a beautiful picturesque setting.


Ashtabula County's Lights on the Lake was incorporated on July 27, 2005 as an Ohio Corporation. Its purpose is to develop and run a driving tour at Lakeshore Park - Ashtabula, Ohio featuring holiday lighting displays. This organization is non-profit, non-political, charitable, non-sectarian, non-racial and tax exempt 501 (c)(3) Corporation. All of its members are volunteers and do not receive any remuneration for the work they do for ACLOTL.


Rick Coblitz - President - 440-997-5161


Gail Millard - Treasurer

Christine Seuffert - Secretary


John Steel - Project Coordinator

Mike Brenneman

Dr. Alfred DeCato

Alex Ennis

Steve Howell

Matt Kitchen

Kathy Presciano